Taste the Power of Yogurt

What do you get when you cross a delicious, creamy yogurt with all-natural non-GMO ingredients and 20 grams of protein? A flavorful blast of goodness that only Powerful Yogurt could capture. I’m talkin’ sweet, chewy, creamy, deliciousness in three different flavors that will help you re-charge your workout, satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your diet on track!

Whether you’re craving creamy vanilla yogurt, chocolate coconutty goodness or a classic peanut butter and jelly, you’ll be pleased to find these bars are the tastiest I’ve tried since Quest bars! The size and texture is similar to that of a Balance Bar, but the sugar content is much lower (only 6 grams!), so you can enjoy these snacks guilt free.

Powerful Yogurt Protein Bars

The outer coating is smooth and the inside chewiness leaves a satisfying taste that I just love! My favorite of the three flavors is Yogurt Creme. Peanut Butter and Jelly comes in at a close second and the Chocolate Coconut is divine. I ranked them in this order based on taste, as the Chocolate Coconut is not as sweet or flavorful as the other two.

The bars are all 180-190 calories each, and made with probiotics to support digestive health and aid immune function. To pump up the satisfaction level, I recommend storing the bars in your refrigerator to make them a bit more solid and enhance every bite. This soft, chewy snack is one that I will definitely keep on hand!

The bars are just the tip of the iceberg, though. The nutrition company also makes Powerful Yogurt in seven different flavors; Powerful Yogurt Plus+ in Coconut + Quinoa, Lemon + Chia and Tropical Fruit + Oats; and will be coming out with Powerful Yogurt Protein Drinks! Since you all know how much I LOVE protein bars, I started with those, but I’ll report back once I’ve delved into their other delicious snacks.

Want a head start? Find a store or shop online!

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