It Isn’t Easy Being Green


When it comes to health trends and popular fads, I often try to reach “outside the box,” as not all healthy habits are created equal. Sometimes, you have to give something a try before you really know what it’s all about. After recently discovering ENERGYbits®, I couldn’t resist investigating further to see what they were. These creatively crafted bits are made from 100 percent organically grown spirulina algae, have a 64 percent concentration of protein, and contain just one calorie per tablet.

For you fitness and health enthusiasts out there, this is something you have to try! The mini green tabs come in a stylish, easy-to-carry tin, making them convenient on-the-go supplements. Admittedly, it may not be love at first whiff, as the pure raw algae definitely shows its true colors (and smell!), but pop it in your mouth and you’ll be glad you did.

ENERGYbits recommends these crunchy green bites for post-workout recovery and for a recharge of energy when you’re feeling sluggish mid-afternoon. So, that’s exactly what I used them for and I was extremely pleased with what I found! Pop one after your morning workout or sneak a bit between afternoon meetings.

For more information and to purchase ENERGYbits, visit

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