Top 5 Bars (The Healthy Kind!)

Edible Epiphanies has an extreme love for protein bars. After testing and trying thousands of varieties of protein bars to provide the most accurate and unbiased reviews possible, I have certainly become a protein bar connoisseur. I left no stone unturned when conducting my research to find the brands and varieties with the lowest sugar, carbohydrates and calorie content. The big-name brands like Cliff and Powerbar may rank higher on the popularity scale, but have you ever checked the Nutrition Facts? They’re loaded with sugar and carbs, and are not likely to justify the hour-long workout you just endured.

Here are my top five favorites that are some of the healthiest on the market today:

CarbRite Diet Bars1. Doctor’s CarbRite: These can be difficult to find in stores, so I suggest placing online orders through their website, which also offers a store locator so you can track them down. My favorite flavors include Toasted Coconut (which contains chocolate chunks and delicious, sticky coconut) and Chocolate Brownie (which is so rich, it tastes like it would be unhealthy!) The best thing about these bars is most varieties have less than 200 calories each, and are both sugar- and gluten-free.

Pure Protein Bars2. Pure Protein: PureProtein makes a variety of products, but their bars are what I love most. They recently started producing “baked bars,” which are softer and have a different texture. The Double Chocolate Vanilla Crunch is incredible, as it has white chocolate chunks inside and doesn’t have the density of other types of protein bars. With the PureProtein bars, make sure you stick to the 50g size, because their 78g bars are much higher in calories, carbohydrates and sugar. For the basic 50g bar, you’ll love the peanut butter caramel surprise! Try storing them in the refrigerator so the gooey caramel that comes out is a little more solid and less messy. You’ll only set yourself back 210 calories and 2g of sugar, and it’s like eating a dessert!

thinkThin Bars3. thinkThin: These tasty bars contain 20g of protein and are also gluten free for those who are sensitive to gluten (as many of us are!) They are also low glycemic and contain 0g of sugar, so they leave you satiated throughout the morning. My favorite flavor is Creamy Peanut Butter, but since this flavor is higher in calories than the others, I tend to stick to the Brownie Crunch, which tastes like a Nestle Crunch bar!

Six Star Pro Nutrition Bar4. Six Star Pro Nutrition: This bar is high in protein, low in sugar and tastes amazing. The Chocolate Deluxe has only 190 calories and 15g of carbohydrates. The only other flavor they make is chocolate peanut butter, which is also very tasty, but I would love to see them make more varieties!

Quest Nutrition Bar5. Quest: I am including this one on the list only because I am so excited to say that I have not yet tried this bar! I just placed my first order online after hearing so much about them, so I’ll report back after I receive my package! From what the company states about their products, these bars are low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and great as pre- and post-workout snacks. I ordered the Cookies & Cream flavor, along with several others, and I have a feeling I’ll love this one. Stay tuned for my review!

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