Unhinge Your Binge

Between awards shows, new seasons of prime time TV episodes and of course, the BIG GAME yesterday, there have been countless occasions on which you may have over-done it on the salty snacks and greasy grub. Even without the excuse of such occasions, I’ve found myself nose-deep in cereal bowl after cereal bowl, only to fill myself to the brim and end up in a belly-up state of extreme fullness. If you’re like me, you probably feel a little guilty after over-indulging, but the solution to a night (or even an entire day) of binging on oh-so-delicious but not-so-great for you snacks is to unhinge the binge the next day!

Typically, a night of ravenous eating is followed by a “food hangover” (more on this later), where you feel like you wish you could undo that last plate of nachos or erase that extra piece of cake. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is OKAY to live a little and eat a little more than usual every once a while. Why not? You exercise regularly, you eat healthy on the daily and you had fun! The trick is to start fresh the next day with some healthful habits and clean food so you don’t continue down the spiral of any damage you may have done.

Chef and Food Network Star, Rachael Ray, recently commented that second to New Year’s Day, the day after Super Bowl is one of the biggest days people kick their diet into full gear and hit the gym to burn off those high-calorie snacks. So, why not start fresh today! My first tip is to have a healthy breakfast to kickstart your metabolism into gear and set you up for a day of good nutrition.

Start with this Healthy Breakfast

One of my biggest suggestions on days like these is to actually eat breakfast. Some people will opt to skip their morning meal after a day of binging on unhealthy foods, but if you want to get your metabolism going and avoid becoming starving and moody by mid-afternoon, then choose a high-protein morning meal like this one:

  1. Coat a pan with coconut oil spray and set on Medium-High heat.
  2. Break three eggs – separating the whites from the yolks – and empty the whites into a small cup.
  3. Add one tablespoon of skim milk to the egg whites and sprinkle a generous amount of pepper into the mix.
  4. Beat and pour into your hot pan. Scramble up these fluffy egg whites and put aside.
  5. To complement your high-protein, low-fat meal, take a quarter cup of nonfat cottage cheese and scoop onto a plate. Slice up 1-2 fresh or canned peach slices and mix into your cottage cheese.

Add your eggs and you’re done! Here’s what I enjoyed yesterday morning:

healthy breakfast

Drink Hot Lemon Water

hot water with lemon

I am a huge fan of guzzling down the H2O. I drink water all day long. Some people have a hard time drinking PLAIN water and need some sort of flavor, carbonation or other hint of something in order to consume the amount your body needs. So when I discovered this SHAPE Magazine tip about drinking hot lemon water every morning, I was eager to try it! The physician in this interview recommends drinking hot water with a squeeze of lemon every day to help detoxify, increase mineral absorption and improve digestion. This is especially important after a day of poor eating.

Get Moving!

Finally, we all know that regular physical activity is not only great for the mind, but even better for the body, so when you need to get out of your slump and burn off those extra calories, get moving! Even a 15-30 minute walk on your lunch break, taking the stairs instead of the elevator up to your office, or parking a little farther from the grocery store entrance to get in those extra steps will do wonders. You’ll not only help your metabolism burn those game-time snacks, but you’ll boost your endorphins and help your mind get over the guilt of over-indulging.

Every new day is a day to start over. Don’t dwell on yesterday, don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it NOW!

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