Designer Dinner

Does food inspire you? Does it make you happy, excited, comforted, relieved? My answer to these questions is a resounding YES. I started Edible Epiphanies because I have always had a strong relationship with food. The traditional kinds make me think of life as I was growing up or surrounding the dinner table on Christmas Day. The cold and frosty kind makes me smile as I snuggle up on the couch after a long day of work and enjoy spoonful after spoonful of my favorite frozen yogurt. The garden variety – organic and freshly plucked from the ground – gives me a feeling of absolute health and energizes me to conquer the day.

Food PhotographyThere is absolutely nothing I love more than not only eating a healthy meal, but plating it with such careful design that I feel like an artist! Food styling is an actual career, which I greatly admire and practice regularly as an amateur. I take absolute pride in cooking a meal and even more in strategically placing each ingredient on a plate and turning the dish to frame it just right. I balance herbs and connect proteins like puzzle pieces so each bite is beautiful and collectively adorned.

Food can be the paint that is sprinkled across your palate (or dish) and if you have the passion I do, you can make a masterpiece with each meal you create!

The way you can take a piece of lettuce and float it on the corner of a plate, top it with the swirl of mustard and place it aside a hearty vegetable wrap makes eating your creation an even bigger enjoyment.

We all have our meal rituals. For example, I am absolutely smitten with vegetable wraps, so when I sit down to eat one, I don’t just devour it with indifference. I take my time to diagonally cut cucumber slices to a perfect half-inch thickness, arrange them like dominoes on the side of my plate, and pair them with a few leaves of fresh, green Romaine lettuce. This is met with a carefully measured dollop of spicy mustard that I spread generously across each bite.

When you take the time to actually prepare, create and design your meal, eating it is not just a task or a way to satisfy your grumbling stomach; it’s a way to realize each nourishing bite and discover how beautiful a simple bite can be.

Check out 29 of the best food photos from 2013. Which one is your favorite? COMMENT BELOW!

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