Frozen Bliss

Everyone has bad days, feels down sometimes or just needs a little bit of comfort to pick them up. For many, that one thing is a favorite song or time with family, which are both at the top of my list, but there is one more thing that always manages to bring a smile to my face here at Edible Epiphanies: frozen yogurt! This creamy, chilly treat is my instant mood-lifter, bad-day eraser and night-time ritual. This simple, yet absolutely powerful dessert brings so much joy and not so much guilt.Frozen Yogurt

About six months ago, a Frozen Yogurt Shop opened within feet of Edible Epiphanies’ headquarters. Even on icy Winter nights, I’d savor spoonfuls of this delicious frozen sweetness. Frozen yogurt is still a somewhat healthy indulgence that doesn’t leave you with the same guilt as a plate full of Oreos or a slice of cheesecake would, and it balances on the line between sugary decadence and a healthful way to wrap up a long day.

When you find that one thing in life that provides such comfort and happiness, making every disappointment or letdown just fade away, you need to embrace it and enjoy it. It’s important to surround yourself with people who make you happy, indulge every-so-often in the little things that make you feel good, and help others in a selfless, loving way. A small cup of yogurt may not seem like much, but when I have a spoon in hand, yogurt in lap and enjoy laughing about some silly little thing from the day, the entire world seems to disappear and nothing exists but that feeling of absolute bliss!

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