Taking the Natural Route for Anxiety

AnxietyNatural supplements are growing in popularity, as more and more research is finding that nature is innately filled with medicines that don’t need special treatment. You don’t have to manipulate a natural mineral or alter a botanical herb to reap the benefits of the vitamins and minerals they possess. The proof is in the pudding.

When I’m feeling a little down, I often turn to St. John’s Wort – a species of flowering plant in the genus Hypericum – for a healthy emotional lift. When I need a boost of energy, a couple Vitamin B12 supplements get me going. More recently, I discovered an all-natural way to relieve daily anxiety and wanted to share it with my Edible Epiphanies community!

When anxiety is at its peak, it is often accompanied by dips in mood and pounding headaches for many sufferers, so using magnesium to treat the anxiety also helps to maximize the treatment of all related symptoms. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, magnesium helps to treat migraines, insomnia and symptoms of depression, and is also known to assist in the treatment of panic attacks, stress, anxiety, and irritability. By supplementing your body with this already necessary mineral, you are calming your nerves and improving immunity at the same time.

This natural mineral is especially beneficial for women, as studies show that regularly incorporating magnesium into the diet can help strengthen bones and prevent Osteoporosis over time. In addition, magnesium is beneficial for regulating blood pressure and controlling blood sugar levels, which is important for those who are at high risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

A number of foods will give you enough magnesium to satisfy your daily recommended value, including:

Spinach and Avocado

  • Spinach
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Quinoa
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Almonds
  • Turkey
  • Salmon

Natural CalmWhile all these foods are certainly already abundant in our healthy diets, you can maximize magnesium intake before settling into bed each night by mixing a heaping teaspoon of Natural Calm magnesium into a tall glass of water. Of all the supplements I recommend, this is one that truly makes a difference.

2 thoughts on “Taking the Natural Route for Anxiety

    • Amy says:

      Hi there! Thanks so much for reaching out. I highly recommend the Calm Magnesium Powder to help you de-stress, unwind, settle in for bed, or just for overall health. If you have a Whole Foods Market, Sprouts or other natural food store nearby, these are the most common retailers to carry it. I stir in one heaping teaspoon of the Raspberry-Lemon powder into cold water and drink it about one hour before bed. This gives it time to work through my system and makes sure I don’t wake up to go to the bathroom too often throughout the night. I recommend doing this every single night, as the more you use it, the more it will work for you. Hope this helps!


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